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Dr John Ashworth Psychotherapy & Counselling Anger Management Therapy in Bristol & South Gloucestershire


Many people experience difficulties managing feelings of anger and (or) frustration. Some people understand their anger to be caused by a single or series of events, whilst others consider it to be an intrinsic part of their character/way of being. However one understands the onset/nature of their anger, it can be, and often is, expressed in a problematic way that leads to difficulties within familial, wider, and professional relationships.

It is not unusual that people who struggle with this emotion also exhibit controlling behaviour. This may come in the form of intimidation, manipulation or other adverse ways of being. The impact upon others can be widespread and devastating. However, as well as impacting upon others anger can also be a private, and sometimes self-destructive experience.

Exploring and confronting ones anger through counselling can be and often is a painful process. Shame and guilt among other difficult feelings are commonly experienced. Appreciating the sensitivity of working with this area, I provide a safe non-judgemental space in which clients are able to unpack and find better ways of managing this powerful emotion.

I have many years experience of working with people who struggle with anger management. Whilst at the Everyman Project (a charitable organisation for people wishing to cease abusive behaviour) I delivered tailored one-to-one counselling sessions that equipped clients to manage their anger in practical ways as well as resolve underlying issues that trigger angry responses. For the NHS I set up a psychotherapy and counselling service in a forensic setting that was focused on reducing conflict and anger management.

The role of counselling is not to eradicate anger, it is after all it is a normal and healthy emotion. Anger therapy aims to give you control over your anger so that it is does not come out in destructive ways that damage relationships and lead to alienation. It provides the opportunity to help really understand and resolve what has led to your angry way of being. It can be both liberating and empowering to realise that you can cope with the stress and strains of life without having to resort to angry outbursts.

I now provide anger management therapy in Bristol and South Gloucestershire in private and hospital settings. Face-to-face sessions have resumed following an easing of the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions.

See my Anger Therapy page for a clearer understanding of how I work with people who wish to gain more control and understanding of their anger, or visit my other website: drjohnashworth.co.uk for information about the wider psychotherapy and counselling service that I can offer.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
― Soren Kierkegaard

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