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Dr John Ashworth Psychotherapy & Counselling Anger Management Therapy in Bristol & South Gloucestershire

Anger Therapy

As discussed on the ‘Background and experience’ page, I have worked with people experiencing anger management difficulties in a variety of settings (charitable and public sector). Drawing on these placements I have developed a tailored psychotherapeutic programme to help clients manage anger, understand its impact, and resolve its underlying causes.

On a practical level I help clients to avoid any unwanted angry outbursts by identifying their warning signs (such as a tensed body part or an increased heart rate), and then provide strategies to prevent warning signs from escalating to anger. Strategies can include; ‘Time Out' (a constructive way to remove oneself from confrontation), or grounding and breathing techniques to reduce the likelihood of conflict.

On a deeper level I encourage clients to explore the triggers for their anger. In this way the therapy moves from a behavioural to an analytic enquiry. The benefit of working this way is that clients have the opportunity to resolve the issues that underpin their anger, as well as practical strategies to address anger as it occurs.

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